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Denim Kids Face Mask

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Best Protective Denim Face Mask For Kids

Keep Calm and Stay Cool for School in Denim  


*Add to cart our double-sided tape to improve nose seal and decrease fogging of glasses)

The denim looks incredible while still protecting you with a clinically tested 98.5% PFE rating. Order this mask today and get comfort, style and protection in one package!


Premium, Level 3, next-generation face masks with >98.5% Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE) that meet the highest performance requirements as defined by ASTM F2100-11. (See Product Testing tab for more information)



  • Pliable aluminum nose insert to create a seal around nose bridge and cheeks
  • Five layers of reusable, machine washable fabric
  • Outer layer: Water/blood repellent fabric tested for splatter resistance at 160 mmHg 
  • Middle layer: Medical grade filter, Tri-laminate, non-woven, heavy-duty polypropylene 
  • Class 1 flammability resistance (highest rating) 
  • Inner layer: Moisture absorbent fabric
  • Unique, comfortable bottom elastic for a form fitting seal under chin
  • Head strap relieves pressure from ears for long hours of comfort
  • Elastic ear loops to fit most people comfortably
  • Made in USA

High fluid splash resistance passes ASTM's highest level of protection. Helps protect both the patient and healthcare personnel from the transfer of microorganisms.


Cleaning Instructions

  • Machine wash in hot water
  • Air dry only
  • Do not bleach
  • Withstands autoclaving sterilization at 270 F for 15 mins (tested with no change in filtration efficiency)