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Facemask Filtration Testing

Test Results

We have performed ASTM F2100 testing, conforming to the standard for the face mask industry. In seeking full FDA approval this testing will confirm that DNA products are second to none. 

Best in Class Performance

Results are in. DNA premium face masks and surgical masks have been verified by an independent testing agency to outperform the N95 face mask in particle filtration efficiency.

Sub-micron particulates filtration efficient at 0.1 micron
Bacterial filtration efficiency
> 98%
Differential pressure, mm H20/cm2 (Breathability)
Resistance to penetration by synthetic blood (highest pressure)
160 mmHg
Flame Spread (flammability) Class 1


More Info about testing

- All other results have been tested and validated by a third party (Intertek). 

- DNA masks are ASTM Level 3 Masks and meet the highest performance requirements as defined by ASTM F2100-11. 

- Blood penetration resistance (Passed) - DNA masks block high velocity streams of body fluids, such as, from sneezing/coughing and blood splatter.

- We have also passed flammability testing as Class 1. Important for operating rooms and procedures where high concentrations of oxygen are used.

Even the right mask worn incorrectly leaves you at risk! Watch our educational videos under the Product Care and Use tab.

DNA Masks Test Results