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DNA Tote Bags, Glam Bags, and Fanny Packs

High Quality Totes, Bags, And Fanny Pack Collection For Nurses/Doctors


Our tote bags, travel pouches, mask pouches, and modern fanny packs complete your fashionable hospital uniform style. Match your DNA face masks with your DNA bags. Shop our exclusive bag collection designed exclusively for nurse anesthtists and anesthesiologists.


Tote bags have a large opening at the top where you put in your items, and two handles or long straps to use for wearing the bag. They are great for healthcare workers, students, teachers, and any business. Shop a variety of styles, designs, and sizes. Our bags are practical and fun. 

We can also create custom DNA bags for your office or business. If you would like your own DNA bag design, please reach out and let's discuss it.

Our DNA modern fanny packs are bringing the fanny pack back. For our CRNAs and Anesthesiologists, you will love our Anesthesia designs and will come back for more designs as we introduce them.

We also offer DNA glam bags for all your small valuables or makeup. Again, all of our products can be customized if you would like to design your own DNA apparel products.


Milk of Amnesia Glam Bag


Denim Glam Bag


Denim Tote Bag


Milk of Amnesia Fanny Pack


Denim Fanny Pack


Milk Of Amnesia Tote Bag


Anesthesia Drug Label Glam Bag


Anesthesia Drug Label Fanny Pack


Anesthesia Drug Label Tote Bag


Mask Pouch/Mask Bag for All Designs - next-generation healthcare PPE
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Mask Pouch/Mask Bag for All Designs

$9.99 $12.99