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Team Mac Vs. Team Miller

Mac vs Miller! Why not wear both hats?

DNA Masks wants to bring you MORE! Our new Scrub Cap MAC vs MILLER UNIQUE designs showcase the 2 different laryngoscope blades used by trained medical professionals. Laryngoscope blades are used as the primary tool for examination of the interior of the larynx and for placement of an endotracheal tube. Most commonly used by anesthesia personnel to secure the patient's airway after induction of general anesthesia and for administration of anesthetic gases. Our cap designs are a great gift idea, conversation starter, and a fun way to stand out and highlight the anesthesia profession. We hope you love them as much as we do!

Team Miller Black Scrub Caps (5 Styles)


Team Mac Black Scrub Caps (5 Styles)


Team Mac White Scrub Caps (5 Styles)


Team Mac White Adult Face Mask


Team Miller White Scrub Caps (5 Styles)