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Office Products

Durable Office Supplies For Healthcare Workers

Our products are made with 100% durability in mind for the modern healthcare worker. DNA offers a selection of office products in unique designs including laptop sleeves, mouse pads, and clipboards.


Our collection includes a variety of supplies that are sure to last in any busy nurse or doctors life.  Office supplies are often an afterthought but they don't have to be. These products are perfect for gifts, a self splurge, or even to buy in bulk for your office. The unique aspect of our product line is that you can now match your clipboard to your mouse pad and even laptop sleeve in one shopping trip. 


The DNA laptop sleeve is 13 inches and also doubles as a tablet sleeve that come in different exciting designs. Our bags are lightweight and hardy enough for continuous every day use.

The clipboards we offer are colorful as well has strong to handle the hustle and bustle of nurses, printed with a double sided print design made out of a strong MDF Hardboard material.

Add a pop of color to your favorite healthcare workers desk with our high quality no slip backing mouse pad. 

All office products offered have a matching scrub cap that comes in 5 different styles. Additionally shop our matching bags and masks to complete the full set.


Anesthesia Drug Label Clipboard


Anesthesia Drug Label Mouse Pad


Anesthesia Drug Label Tablet Laptop Sleeve - next-generation healthcare PPE
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Anesthesia Drug Label Tablet Laptop Sleeve

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