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Neon Pink With Logo Adult Face Mask

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Brilliant Pink Protective Face Covering For Adults

Bright and cool neon color sure to make you stand out with style. Perfect for wearing to work, school, or travel! 

*Also available with REMOVABLE FACE SHIELDS

Please make sure to wash them in a garment bag. Mask should not be folded in half flat and aluminum nose insert should not be bent back and forth as it will break. Aluminum nose insert is meant only to contour the nose and stay in that shape


Premium, Level 3, next-generation face masks with >98.5% Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE) that meet the highest performance requirements as defined by ASTM F2100-11. (See Product Testing tab for more information)


  • Pliable aluminum nose insert to create a seal around nose bridge and cheeks
  • Five layers of reusable, machine washable fabrics
  • Outer layer: Water/blood repellent fabric tested at 160 mmHg (polyester)
  • Middle layer: Medical grade filter, Tri-laminate, non-woven, heavy-duty polypropylene 
  • Class 1 flammability
  • Inner layer: Moisture absorbent fabric (polycotton)
  • Unique, comfortable bottom elastic for a form fitting seal under chin
  • Head strap relieves pressure from ears for long hours of comfort and allows mask to hang off the neck when not in use.
  • Elastic ear loops to fit most people comfortably
  • Made in USA

High fluid splash resistance passes ASTM's highest level of protection. Helps protect both the patient and healthcare personnel from the transfer of microorganisms.

Cleaning Instructions

  • Machine wash in hot water
  • Air dry only
  • Withstands autoclaving sterilization at 270 F for 15 mins