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Are Fabric Face Masks Reusable?

Still Good After Wash?

Facemasks are still very important in keeping people safe. We must stay vigilant in protecting those who are still vulnerable. That protection starts with great face coverings. Hospital grade masks are reserved for medical professionals. Fabric masks that are made for everybody else claim to be reusable. After washing is it still safe to wear a fabric mask. Will it be contaminated? Will it still maintain its protective qualities?

Great Protection for the Entire Family

DNA face masks boast a 98.5%PFE rating, enough to protect anyone against all forms of bacteria and viruses. Many lives have been protected thanks to DNA Masks. But are they really reusable? What makes a facemask reusable? We will discuss the efficacy of facemasks and how to properly care for a facemask to ensure that the highest-level of protection is maintain use after use.

Face masks can be reused but health experts agree that to get maximum protection reusable masks should be removed and washed regularly. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that reusable masks should be removed and washed at least once per day. The importance of keeping reusable masks clean is because the virus could remain on the cloth or material for a longer period and those pose a greater risk for transmission. There's also a chance that unwashed reusable face masks that are frequently used presents a risk to the weather as particles may have been picked up when placed on a contaminated surface, thereby potentially causing the infection through the passage to the respiratory system. 

Reusable face masks can be washed with regular laundry with standard detergent. But experts from CDC suggest that water temperature is at least 140 degrees to clean a face mask. A nice tip for people with facial skin sensitive to perfume is to use an unscented detergent. You can also clean a reusable face mask by hand. WHO suggests soap and water enough to create a lather and to make sure that both sides of the mask are thoroughly scrubbed before taking out of the water. John Hopkins Medical Center suggests scrubbing for at least 20 seconds before rinsing with water. 

Air or tumble dry your mask

Reusable face masks must be completely dry to be worn. Ideally, you can do this by placing the mask under direct sunlight, on a clean surface, and lying flat. You can also hang it up by the straps somewhere. The mask can also be tumble dried, although check specifications about the mask to see if tumble drying is suitable. If you do tumble dry be sure to set the heat to the highest setting. 

Store your mask in a safe way

Once your mask is dry store it in a plastic resealable bag to make sure that it's not contaminated before you need to place it on your face. When you retrieve the mask to place on your mask make sure that your hands are clean and disinfected and place the mask on by holding it by the straps. At this point, you've safely effectively reused your face mask! 

DNA Masks were washed 10 times without suffering any degradation of filtration efficacy. This superior level of protection will protect your loved ones over and over again. It is important to continue to protect ourselves and each other. So wearing a highly protective facemask like a DNA Mask is vital to protect lives. Feel comfort in knowing that DNA has you COVERED.

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